Indulge your feline friend in the lap of luxury at a private home.

Going away for a few days?

Our exclusive Hairbnb boasts a spacious 120 square foot suite designed
for your feline's needs and comfort.

Don't leave kitty at home alone for 23 hours a day;
we offer stress-free boarding and personalized care in a private setting,
ensuring your peace of mind while your feline friends thrive.

Liquid Kitty: A Feline Oasis

Playtime Sessions Included

We wouldn't even consider charging extra for that!

Pool view with bird feeders

We even have a squirrel (Emma) who drops in for daily visits.

24/7 Streaming Video Access

Check in on kitty from anywhere in the world.

Shy/Difficult kitties welcome!

Not every cat is cuddly. Some cats are complete jerks. All are welcome.


No cages, condos, cramped rooms, or shared spaces. Fee includes litter, multiple visits, daily photos, video stream, and as many cuddles as they'll tolerate.

$ 85 per day - 3 day minimum

additional cat $20/night, up to 4 cats
from same home

Kate T.

"I think perhaps I want to come back as a cat and live with Jill. She took such good care of my cat Petunia. Spent quality time with her, played with her, gave her delicious food! it will definitely be Petunia's home away from home!"

Pat T.

"I would entrust my car, my album collection, and even my children to Jill, because she's one of the most trustworthy people I know. Add to that how much she loves'll want to let her watch your kitties not just so you can go on vacation, but so they can too!"

Happy clients



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