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Liquid Kitty is the brainchild of

 Jill Bennett,

who led one of the largest cat sanctuaries in Los Angeles for three years.

Jill—with a background in marketing and the entertainment industry, identified a disconnect between the animal welfare community and the general public. 

Liquid Kitty: a bridge between

the public & the rescue community

During my tenure as an Adoptions Director, I met hundreds of adopters who were bewildered by the often mysterious and frustrating cat adoption process employed by many rescue organizations.


Their vetting techniques were often the source of frustration, so I re-imagined the adoption process. My concierge-style approach focuses on assessing the needs, priorities, and experience of the adopter. 


There's a better way to facilitate humane education and evangelize a love of felines to the public, and I'm here to help.





Jill Bennett

Jill's passion for felines was realized in 2017 when she took a much-needed hiatus from the entertainment industry and started work as the marketing coordinator for one of the largest cat rescues in Los Angeles. By adding a much-needed ounce of humor to a dry, somber, and lethargic marketing program, Jill supervised the most successful fundraising push in the rescue’s 20-year history. Eight months later, she was promoted to Adoptions and Volunteer Director; in this role, Jill placed a record 1500+ cats into homes. Her pre-adoption comprehensive behavior consultation program reduced returns by almost 15%. 

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