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Private Cat Boarding


2 Playtime sessions + Happy hour included


Pool view with bird and squirrel feeders


24/7 streaming video access and talk back

120 Square foot private room with activity wall

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Post-adoption/Behavior Consultation

2000+ hours

Ragdoll Cat

Why Liquid Kitty?

It’s pretty simple: cat psychology. Cats need privacy when boarded. It’s too stressful to introduce them to a new environment and other cats. Very few cat boarding facilities can offer completely private accommodations without other cats visible. Generally, the largest space they offer is about ¼ of the size of our room and twice as expensive.

Cute Kitten

Can I really trust you with my feline?

Don’t take my word for it! Read what some of my prior clients have to say. If you’re still not convinced, I'm happy to provide referrals from former co-workers, all of whom are seasoned cat behaviorists and caretakers from the largest rescues in the city.

Cat Lying

Wouldn't they be better at home?

Despite popular belief, cats do get lonely, anxious, and depressed without their person. Additionally, any number of health or safety risks can pop up when kitty is alone for 23 hours a day. Why risk it when you can privately board your cat for a little more than most cat sitters charge for a one-hour visit?

White Cat

Will my kitty be stressed out?

It depends on the cat’s prior socialization and openness to new people. For most cats, it generally takes a day or two to settle in. Ultimately, private boarding alleviates stress for you and your cat. At Liquid Kitty, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that your feline is getting top-notch care and love in a private home, and our livestream cam allows you 24/7 access to drop in on them. For kitty, we offer routine, playtime, and as many cuddles as they’ll put up with

Kitten Playing with a Toy Mouse

Happy hour? Wine for my cat???

At Liquid Kitty, Happy Hour is a full hour of interaction. One of our select hoomans will spend a full hour playing, reading, or watching tv with your furbaby. This is in addition to the regular cleanings and feeding throughout the day. 

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