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Feline Husbandry Advanced Socialization

2500+ hours of experience


2000+ hours of experience

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Pre-adoption Consultation

4000+ hours of experience

Serious Kitten

Tracy G. 
EIC @ Advocate

"When I was ready to adopt another cat after losing mine, I knew just the right person to help me. Jill not only matched me with the perfect cat, but she also offered advice on everything from food to litter.
It’s now seventeen months later and I am as happy as can be with the cat I adopted with Jill’s help. An endless source of knowledge of all things feline, I trust Jill’s insight implicitly. From here on out, I will go to her with my cat needs and questions." 


"Jill handpicked my rescue kitten for me two years ago and he is a joyful, sweet addition to our family. I trust her with all my cat questions. Her advice is impeccable and rooted in real facts and knowledge. She is a passionate advocate and truly loves to be of service to cats in general. You won’t find anyone more devoted to the betterment of felines; this is demonstrated by her years of experience and unwavering commitment."


Kate T. 

"I think perhaps I want to come back as a cat and live with Jill.
She took such good care of my cat Petunia. Spent quality time with her, played with her, gave her delicious food! it will definitely be Petunia's home away from home!"


Pat T. 

"I would entrust my car, my album collection, and even my children to Jill any day of the week and twice on Sunday, because she's one of the most trustworthy people I know. Add to that how much she loves cats... Well, you'll want to let her watch your kitties not just so you can go on vacation, but so they can too!"

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Sue M.

Former Volunteer

Perry's Place

"I worked alongside Jill at the cat sanctuary for almost two years. Jill has the most uncanny way of matching people with fur babies, it's amazing to watch."


Bonnie S.


Perry's Place

"Jill came in and ran the adoptions and oversaw the cat sanctuary where I volunteered. The changes she initiated and her knowledge and care of the cats were innovative and remarkable. "


Kim N.

Former Staff
Pasadena Humane, Perry's Place 

"I’ve worked for Jill and have seen her incredible connection with cats. She is the REAL DEAL. You can trust that your kiddos will be in excellent hands!"


Sharon L. 

Writer, Former Staff

Perry's Place

"There's no one I trust more with my boys than Jill. Animal safety, health, and a good diet are always top of mind for Jill, but the real rub is how she intuitively understands cat behavior. She's able to quickly spot their idiosyncrasies with a sense of humor and ease. If all "crazy cat ladies" were like Jill, the world would be a better and more fun place!"

Artie & Chewbacca-Gene.jpg

"The more I talked to jill,

the more I realized that even though I'd

had a cat before, I knew very little!

I met Jill at the beginning of the Great Pandemic of 2020 when we, like everyone else, decided to adopt kittens! We applied at several shelters and had so much difficulty getting return calls or emails that went anywhere. And nothing resulted in kittens.

When I got on the phone with Jill, I didn't know her, didn't want to take up too much of her time, and somehow wound up talking about kittens for hours! Jill knew everything.

She encouraged us to get two kittens and encouraged us to foster, but also kept us from getting in too deep with fostering kittens and cats with issues that we didn't understand.

She knew a LOT about food and nutrition that I had never even considered before. And truthfully I can't wait to leave these little (not little anymore) monsters with her, because I can't imagine anyone taking better care of them. I also feel like she is their godmother they've never met!"

-Andrea K

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